aha! wants to cooperate with like-minded partners to generate enthusiasm for travel between Reno-Tahoe and the communities served by aha! throughout the Western United States. To that end:

  • aha! will provide discounted or complimentary air transportation, as part of an overall travel package designed to encourage customers to fly between Reno Tahoe and aha! cities
  • In return for appropriate “marketing value” for aha!


  • Free ticket to an influencer individual who will combine those with other land arrangements in return for a basket of social media marketing
  • Discounted tickets for a media group sponsored by a destination entity – in return for marketing credits
  • Discounted or complimentary tickets for a convention fam-trip with soft/hard commitments for preferred airline status

Note that “barter” arrangements are not part of this policy.

Request Process/Guidelines:

Request form can be downloaded below and completed form must be sent to Please fill all fields, attach other documentation as required that will provide specific details of the request, the co-marketing opportunity, and the value to aha! Faxed, phone or incomplete requests will not be considered. All requests must be submitted six weeks prior to the event or print deadline.

Due to the high volume of requests, no status calls are accepted.

General Guidelines

  • aha! should be the sole airline co-marketing partner for that event and the resulting deliverable
  • No critical mentions of aha! under the umbrella of the co-marketing project
  • No linkage of aha! brand to drugs or alcohol
  • To the extent possible, it should be clear that the use of the tickets and the resulting deliverables, will drive increased brand recognition of aha! and correlate to increased passengers on aha! flights
  • All requests are subject to approval by aha!