Chardonnay on the Way: Your Wine Flies Free* on aha!

aha! Airlines operates flights between Reno-Tahoe and many amazing wine destinations. As a special privilege for our passengers, we are now offering a pilot program that allows guests to check their favorite West Coast wine as free checked luggage from California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to Reno-Tahoe for FREE. Now you can relive that divine wine experience upon your return home. Check your wine for free when you travel on aha! from a designated wine destination inbound to Reno-Tahoe between June 14 – November 30, 2022.

Wine Flies Free Desitination (Boise)

Eligible Wine Country Destinations:

From California

  • Fresno/Yosemite, CA
  • Ontario/Los Angeles, CA
  • Palm Springs, CA
  • Santa Rosa/Napa Valley, CA

From Oregon

  • Eugene, OR
  • Medford/Ashland, OR
  • Redmond/Bend, OR

From Idaho

  • Idaho Falls, ID
  • Boise, ID

From Washington

  • Pasco/Tri-Cities, WA
  • Spokane, WA

Only flights departing from the destinations listed above inbound into Reno-Tahoe International Airport are eligible for free checked wine.

How to Take Advantage of This Offer

#1: Book a trip to aha! wine destinations

Book a trip to/from one of our wine destinations (see our map and list above) in CA, ID, OR, or WA. Wine currently flies free from these designated wine destinations into Reno-Tahoe.

If you already know that you’ll want to check wine at booking, you can pre-emptively add it to your shopping cart when you’re booking your flight for no charge. If you’re not sure that you’ll bring back any wine yet – that’s okay! A customer service agent can add it to your itinerary and check your wine package at check-in. We allow checking one properly packed shipping container or box (such as a standard case of wine), weighing 50 lbs. or less and in compliance with aha! standard luggage sizes, per passenger per flight. Wine must be unopened and packaged appropriately for aircraft travel as specified. Standard luggage policies and Contract of Carriage rules apply.

#2. Enjoy the local wineries

Do some tasting in wine country in California, Idaho, Oregon, or Washington. Purchase unopened bottles or a case of your favorite vino to bring back with you.

#3. Pack correctly – don’t seal the box yet

Let the wineries you’re visiting know you’ll be checking your wine at the airport, and they can likely help you pack your wine safely for travel. This might include a foam-lined box, molded cardboard trays, or other protective packaging. Make sure the box is left unsealed for inspection. See more packing tips below.

#4. Check your wine at the ticket counter

When you arrive at the airport for check-in, check your appropriately packed wine at the aha! ticketing counter with one of our customer service agents. Be sure to clearly declare your intent to check wine. Customer service agents may ask to verify your age and will look over the package to ensure compliance with packaging rules, seal the package, and label it with FRAGILE stickers.

We don’t recommend attempting to take wine through the TSA security line, as standard regulations for liquids apply, and wine will not be able to be gate checked or travel inside our airplane cabin as part of this program.

Reminder: We cannot carry wine that isn’t appropriately packaged for travel. If any wine is deemed to be packaged in an unsafe or incorrect manner by the airport staff (i.e. does not adhere to program rules), you will have the option to repackage it appropriately, pay standard luggage fees if applicable, or dispose of appropriately. Any wine that is not sealed by the provider and is in open containers cannot fly.

#5. Enjoy your flight!

Sit back and relax onboard our aircraft.

#6. Pick up your wine at your destination.

When you land, pick up your wine package and go! If you don’t see your wine with the rest of the bags, try the oversized baggage area, as many airports will carefully direct fragile items to this area instead of a conveyer belt.

Packaging your Wine for Travel

1. Your wine MUST be packed in a protective shipping container, such as a box with inserts or packaging, or wine luggage, for transport as checked luggage item. One checked piece is allowed per passenger of age, and each passenger is responsible for packing appropriately and in compliance with all standard safety and governmental regulations.

2. Again, passengers are allowed up to one (1) case of wine (12 bottles) per passenger, in a shipping container (such as a box) or wine luggage that falls within standard luggage limits for size and weight. See the Contract of Carriage for details. We’ve provided a few examples of possible wine packaging for travel:

Examples of possible wine containers and packaging from ULINE.

3. Double-check to be sure that boxes/luggage traveling under our wine program adhere to all carrier HazMat standards, FFA requirements, TSA requirements, and as outlined in the Contract of Carriage. It is the passenger’s responsibility to verify that their checked items comply with these requirements prior to checking item.

4. Items checked under this program must be declared as wine by the passenger to customer service staff at the ticket counter. All passengers traveling with wine MUST be age 21 or older, and customer service agents will verify traveler age as needed prior to acceptance of checked wine.

5. Customer service agents will tape and label checked wine as FRAGILE with company-provided stickers.

6. TSA reserves the right to inspect all items and should reseal your container after inspection.

7. Reminder: aha! is checking wine for free under this program as a courtesy to passengers. Items are checked at passenger’s own risk for damage. We will carefully handle all items, but anomalies do occasionally occur that may damage containers, and the airline is not responsible for damage due to improperly packaged items or circumstances outside airline control.

Additional references:

Book your trip to wine country now at to take advantage of our free checked wine program.

*This program applies to U.S. flights only, operated by ExpressJet Airlines (d/b/a aha! Airlines) from CA, ID, OR, or WA. Wine must be unopened and include professional packaging appropriate for the number of bottles traveling including shipper box and insert, or should be packaged in appropriate wine luggage. Items packaged in a cardboard box are checked at your own risk for damage. Passengers are responsible for compliance with all governmental regulations and restrictions when traveling with alcohol. See TSA regulations on how to pack liquids for travel for more information. Wine placed in personal items is prohibited on aha! Airlines. Wine traveling in mixed article checked luggage will be subject to all applicable charges and fees, and is done at your own risk. Management reserves the right to make changes or discontinue this program at any time without notice.