COVID-19 Travel Protocols

Below is information on our current policies for travel on aha! Airlines, and descriptions of additional measures we are taking to ensure passenger safety.

Face Masks
Under federal law, face masks are currently optional while onboard the aircraft.

Due to a recent federal judicial decision, aha! guests and employees will have the option to wear a mask in accordance with their personal needs and preferences while traveling aboard our aircraft, effective immediately.

Masks remain an important preventative measure against Covid-19, and we encourage anyone needing or choosing to wear a mask on the aircraft to do so.

Aircraft Cleaning
Our planes are cleaned after every flight using a high-grade disinfectant that has been tested to be effective against viruses, including coronavirus (COVID-19). Our detailed cleaning protocol focuses on high-touch areas including tray tables and lavatories.

Each night, our planes are thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom using the same high-grade disinfectant with an emphasis on seats, overhead bins, sidewalls, shades, and other areas of the airplane cabin.

With the exception of those guests who have paid for priority boarding, we load guests seated in the back of the aircraft first and then move toward the front. This helps to minimize “passing” contact with other guests during the boarding process.

During boarding, each guest will be provided individual hand sanitizer wipes. In addition to your hands, we suggest you wipe down arm rests and tray tables.

Other Information
Each state has their own guidelines, policies, and requirements related to health and, specifically, COVID-19. CLICK HERE for directory of state websites.

Airports may differ from airport to airport in their own masking policies, and we recommend checking the policies for each individual airport you plan to travel through for their specific requirements for traveling passengers.

CLICK HERE for the up-to-date CDC travel guidelines and suggestions for domestic travel by vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers.