COVID-19 Travel Protocols

Here at aha!, we want everyone to have peace of mind during these uncertain times and will meet or exceed CDC guidelines. Below is information on the steps we’re taking and policies in place to ensure our guests have a safe adventure:

Aircraft Cleaning
Our planes are cleaned after every flight using a high-grade disinfectant that has been tested to be effective against viruses, including coronavirus (COVID-19). Our detailed cleaning protocol focuses on high-touch areas including tray tables and lavatories.

Each night, our planes are thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom using the same high-grade disinfectant with an emphasis on seats, overhead bins, sidewalls, shades, and other areas of the airplane cabin.

Face Masks
Federal law requires a face mask to be worn at all times while in the airport and using public transit, during board and deplaning, and for the duration of the flight (including in between bites and sips while eating or drinking) Even if you have received a COVID-19 vaccination, wearing a mask is still required.

Permitted masks include disposable surgical or medical masks, cloth masks with tightly woven fabric, (2 or 3 ply masks are recommended), valve-free respirator masks (N95 or KN95), fabric masks with a clear plastic window and gaiters with two layers (single layer gaiters should be doubled over). The following are not permitted: any mask with an exhaust valve, masks with slits, punctures or holes, bandanas, scarves, ski masks, and balaclavas, novel and battery-operated masks that do not meet the specifications of the permitted masks mentioned above.

Plastic face shields may be used in addition to a mask but are not approved as a mask requirement.

Children under the age of two are exempt from the mask requirement.

With the exception of those guests who have paid for priority boarding, we load guests seated in the back of the aircraft first and then move toward the front. This helps to minimize “passing” contact with other guests during the boarding process.

During boarding, each guest will be provided individual hand sanitizer wipes. In addition to your hands, we suggest you wipe down arm rests and tray tables.

Mask Exemptions for Customers with Disabilities
Guests with a disability who cannot wear a mask for reasons related to their individual disability are strongly encouraged to reconsider their adventure. If a guest whose disability prevents wearing a mask does choose to travel, the following requirements must be met.

  • At least 10 days prior to departure (failure to provide this notice will denial of the request):
    Submit by email to a letter from a licensed medical provider on professional letterhead stating the guest cannot wear a mask because of a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 USC 12101 et seq.). State license number (or other medical license information, as applicable) must be included on the letter.
    Be sure to include the travelers name, reservation confirmation code, and date of departure in the email.
    will contact the medical provider to verify the document.
  • At the airport on day of travel:
    The guest must check-in at the airport counter a minimum of two hours prior to departure and present evidence of guest requesting a mask exemption testing negative for COVID-19 by providing SARS-CoV-2 viral test results no more than three days before the flight departure date.
  • The same testing and results requirement will apply to return travel.

Any false claims of a disability to obtain an exemption from wearing a mask or face coverings may result in the suspension of travel privileges on any aha! flight for the duration of the mask/face covering requirement, or possibly permanently, and may be reported to appropriate government authorities.

Other Information
Each state has their own guidelines, policies, and requirements related to health and, specifically, COVID-19. CLICK HERE for directory of state websites.

CLICK HERE for the up-to-date CDC travel guidelines and suggestions for domestic travel by vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers.