Our Fleet

aha! flights are operated by ExpressJet Airlines utilizing 50-seat Embraer 145 regional jets.

Long a mainstay of regional air service throughout the world, the Embraer 145 allows us to offer nonstop service from small and mid-size communities. With quick boarding and deplaning, attentive inflight service, and no middle seats, it’s the perfect aircraft for aha!


About the Embraer 145


2 pilots + 1 flight attendant



Seat Width

17.3" Minimum/Maximum (Single Class Service)


2 Rolls-Royce AE 3007A1 jets

Maximum Cruise Speed

517 mph

Maximum Altitude

37,000 feet

Maximum Range

1,550 nm


Embraer Website

All aircraft are equipped with a galley that allows us to provide tasty “buy onboard” options and a lavatory in the back of the cabin.

Important Information About Carry-On Baggage

50 seat regional aircraft have limited overhead storage space that only accommodates personal items - such as briefcases, purses, and small gym bags. Therefore, items that may be considered "carry-on" on larger aircraft must be gate checked.

These items will be specially tagged and collected planeside as you board. Those bags will be quickly returned to you upon arrival either on the ramp or the jet bridge. Fragile and high value items should always be carried with you into the cabin.

There is a $30 fee for gate checked bags. We highly recommend checking all bags at the ticket counter and pre-paying for them online - before you arrive at the airport. CLICK HERE for additional information.