ExpressJet Airlines Update
As of August 23, 2022, aha! Airlines, powered by ExpressJet, has filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the US bankruptcy code and ceased all flight operations. We regret that a combination of market and economic conditions lead us to take this action.

What Aha! Customers Need to Know
Customers should contact their credit card company for a refund on tickets purchased for travel after August 22, 2022.
Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with alternative travel arrangements.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

ExpressJet Airlines has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in the State of Delaware.

Customers who paid by credit card and do not receive substitute transportation should file a claim with their credit card company. Write to your credit card company at the address listed on your monthly statement for disputing a charge. (This might not be the address where you send your payment.) State your account number. Enclose a photocopy of the ticket, itinerary or receipt if possible, or indicate the price of the transportation and the date it was purchased. If the transportation was partially used, identify the used and unused segments. State that ExpressJet Airlines is in bankruptcy and has ceased operations, that you will not receive the services that you charged to your account, and that you are requesting a credit pursuant to the Fair Credit Billing Act. The credit card issuer must receive this notice no later than 60 days after the date that you received the first monthly statement that listed the ExpressJet Airlines charge, although credit card companies sometimes waive this deadline.

Bankruptcy claim:
If you cannot take advantage of the credit card option described above, you can file a claim in the bankruptcy proceeding. The claim must be filed on Form B-410, “Proof of Claim.” You can obtain this form from any U.S. courthouse, or on the Web at: When filling out the form, the Debtor is ExpressJet Airlines LLC. You are the Creditor. The Bankruptcy Court is the District of Delaware and the Case Number is 22-10787. Enclose a photocopy of your ticket or itinerary or any other documentation that supports your claim. For item 9, claims concerning payments for air transportation or pending baggage claims (see below) are not secured. For item 12, select “Yes” and “Other” and enter “(7)” in the parentheses on the “Other” line.

Make copies of the form and enclosures for your records and send the claim to:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
824 N. Market St. # 500
Wilmington, DE 19801

As with ticket refunds, ExpressJet Airlines is not making payments for baggage claims (e.g., loss/damage/pilferage). You can pursue a claim in the bankruptcy proceeding; see above.